as firm and began to speed along the shore▓ towards me.I was not on the beach but● in a hollow about fifty yards fro●m the sea.As they came raci▓ng level with me and the gul●ls rose I saw t

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hat Nessim had the old repeating▓-gun in his hands.He raised it ●and fired again and again in●to the cloud of gulls, until the magazin▓e was exhausted.Three or four fel▓l fluttering into the sea, but the car did not ●stop.They were past me in a flash▓

.There must have been a way back from the lo

ng ●beach to the sandstone and so back on to the mai▓n road because when I rode in half an hour▓ later the car was back.Nessim was in his ●observatory.The door was locked and h▓e said he

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was busy.I asked Selim the meaning of● this scene and he simply shrugged his shou▓lders and pointed at Nessim’s door.“He gave ▓me the orders” was all he sa●id.But, my dear, if you had seen Nessim’s fa●ce as he raised the gun….’ ▓And thinking of it she involuntarily rai●sed her long fingers to her o●wn cheeks as if to adjust the expression on ▓her own face.‘He looked mad.’ In the ●other room they were talking politely o●f world politics and the situation in Ge●rmany.Nessim had perched himself gracef●ully on Pordre’s chair.Pombal wa▓s swallowing yawns which kep●t returning distressingly enough in the form▓ of belches.My mind

was still full of Melissa.● I had sent her

some money that afternoon and ▓the thought of her buying herself some fi●ne clothes — or even spend

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ing it in some fooli●sh way — warmed me.‘Money’ ▓Pombal was saying playfully to an e▓lderly woman who had the appearance of a con●trite camel.‘One should al●ways make sure of a supply.For only▓ with money can one make more money.Madame ▓certainly knows the Arabic proverb ●which says: “Riches can buy riches, but pov●erty


will scarcely buy one a leper●’s kiss.” ’ ‘We must go’ said Just

ine,● and staring into her warm dark eyes as I▓ said

good-bye I knew that sh●e divined how

full of Melissa my m●ind was

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